Faecal occult blood test - FOBT

What Is an FOBT?

A faecal occult blood test (FOBT) is a simple screening test used to detect tiny amounts of blood in your stool.

Why is this important?

Because blood in the stool can be an early sign of bowel cancer or other conditions.

The best part?

You can do this test in the privacy of your own home.

How Does It Work?

  1. Collect Samples:
    • Using an FOBT kit, take a minuscule sample from two separate bowel motions (faeces).
    • These samples are then sent to a laboratory for testing.
  2. Detecting Blood:
    • FOBTs look for blood that often can't be seen by the naked eye.
    • While blood might be caused by something less serious than cancer, it could also be a sign of:
      • Early bowel cancer.
      • Polyps (growths on the inside of the bowel that could develop into cancer).

Who Needs an FOBT?

  • Age 50 and Over: Men and women aged 50 and over, without symptoms and without a strong family history of bowel cancer, are encouraged to do an FOBT every two years.
  • Strong Family History or Symptoms: Those with a strong family history of bowel cancer or any symptoms should see their GP for advice.

Accuracy and Benefits

  • Screening Effectiveness: Although no test is 100% accurate, FOBTs are currently the most widely available and well-tried screening test for bowel cancer.
  • Reduce Risk: Doing an FOBT every two years can reduce your risk of dying from bowel cancer by up to a third.

Understanding the Results

  1. Negative (No Blood Found):
    • A negative FOBT doesn't mean you're completely free from bowel cancer.
    • Continue regular FOBTs every two years.
    • See you GP if you notice any blood in your bowel motions or have symptoms, even if your last test was normal.
    • Positive (Blood Found):
    • Several reasons other than cancer can cause blood in the stool (e.g., haemorrhoids or menstrual blood).
    • A colonoscopy is usually recommended after a positive FOBT result. A direct examination of the colon and rectum to identify the source of bleeding. Read more about colonoscopy here.

Remember that early evaluation and appropriate management are crucial for better outcomes. Colorectal cancer is the second most common non-cutaneous malignancy in Australia, 15, 367 cases in 2023 (8133 men and 7234 women) and second only to lung cancer in terms of cancer mortality. In 2021 there were 5,350 deaths attributed to colorectal cancer (Source: Australian Institute of Health and Welfare). Early detection is crucial, with 90% of cases successfully treatable.

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